By its very nature, this is an interdisciplinary conference open to scholars in the related fields. The conference mainly seeks to share and discuss on comparative studies and critical interpretations of spatial translations along the Silkroad through research projects, or the design of built environments.

The THEMES on “archi-cultural interactions” will cover the followings :

(Theme Code 01 ) Design tools, materials and methods

(Theme Code 02 ) Materials & methods of the vernacular

(Theme Code 03 ) Conservation practices and adaptive re-use

(Theme Code 04 ) Cross-cultural interactions in art and design

(Theme Code 05 ) Sustainability and ecological concerns

(Theme Code 06 ) Urban & rural practices

(Theme Code 07 ) Landscape traditions

(Theme Code 08 ) Human & environment relations

(Theme Code 09 ) Sacred & secular spaces

(Theme Code 10 ) Objects of cultural practices

(Theme Code 11 ) Cultural acts of dwelling

(Theme Code 12 ) Digital approaches and applications

(Theme Code 13 ) Current dynamics and future prospects in design


This conference offers a unique opportunity for scholars, universities and research institutions representing different cultural identities of the Silkroad to exchange ideas, initiate collaborative studies and to develop new strategies for improving cross-cultural understanding and communication.